Dairy Farmers Of Ontario

Dairy farming is the largest sector of Ontario agriculture, and Dairy Farmers of Ontario is the marketing group that represents them. It’s made up of the same farmers who run the farms, and who produce the milk and dairy that you put on your table.

Agency: No Fixed Address

Creative Director: James Leake & Dylan Wagman

Copywriting: Pranav Sabrahrwal

The ask

To get Ontarian’s  who want superfoods but don’t have super budgets to recognize the incredible nutritional value bursting from the milk carton by showing how dairy milk is an accessible, nutritional powerhouse.

The insight

Consumers go to great lengths for nutrition and when they really don’t have to look all that far to find a nutritional goldmine - it’s a superfood hiding in plain sight all along.

The idea

With 15 essential nutrients, milk is a superfood  hiding in plain sight.

Out of Home

Location Specific OOH

We targeted Gas Stations and super markets to deliver environmentally aware messaging. Reminding people that 15 essential nutrients are right around them.

Social Media


Instagram tags can be leveraged creatively. What if we use these to show the super nutrients in a glass of milk. All a person has to do (you guessed it), is tap. Once they do, tags with names of the nutrients in milk would pop right up.


We utilized pintrest to talk to millennial moms who are looking for new recipes to boost nutrition for their families. 

Using Format