For all walks of life

The ask

Create an omni-channel retail advertising campaign that re-engages current consumers' wants and needs with big-box retailers.

The insight

Footwear trends are changing fast and for the style conscious budget consumer it can be hard to keep up.

The idea

The Shoe Company strives to be the constant support system throughout people's busy and changing life, as well as their ever-changing style.

TV spot

Out of Home

Social media

Brand Activation

The activation targets families at Canada's wonderland to engage in a track and field type game where you run on the spot with another person and avoid VR obstacles in front of them. Consumers who take part in the game will be able to win promotional items and test out the shoe company's new tech features.  


The new shoe company app utilizes shoe scanning technology to recommend shoes based on your foot shape. In addition to new customer rewards programs. 

Customer rewards

Little walkers is a subscription program that provides shoes for children age 0-10 with multiple shoes throughout the year with discounts as their feet grow. 


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