Mayana Geneviere

Mayana Genevière is a Toronto based high luxe, intimate apparel line designed to celebrate and support the journey of womanhood. Initially created to bridge the gap between fashion lingerie and maternity undergarments capturing the essence and needs of a woman as she transitions through life’s many stages.

Thesis partner: The extremely talented Chantal Lamont

Lingerie that fits every you

Services: Art Direction, Copywriting, Photoshop, Illustrator

The Ask

Create awareness of Mayana Genevière, a brand focused on empowering new mothers and women through the different stages their bodies go through

The Insight

“Our bodies are in constant state of change throughout our lives.” Instead of judging the change, let's celebrate them.

The Idea

Showcasing the brand personality and attitude by taking a moment to celebrate the achievements of women in the different phases of their lives.

Social Media

Tit Bit

Tit Bit is a digital component of our campaign that focuses on helpful, fun tips for women to celebrate themselves. Often women and especially mothers are focused on everyone but themselves; the Tit Bits are a reminder to take a step back and enjoy yourself whenever you can.



Out of Home

Tit Talk Podcast

Tit Talk is an open forum for women to share their stories and life hacks, unfiltered. We want women to know they’re not the only ones out there that have everyday struggles. Our goal is to not portray the perfect idea of what it means to be a woman but how to be the best version of you by blending advice with humour.

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